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About Us

Turn Back the Hands of Time

At Biodermetiques we believe in effective skincare solutions that can help Aestheticians, Skin Professionals, and their clients. With expert formulated ingredients, we deliver high quality formulas made for a variety of skin conditions. Our products are excellent for preparation and homecare of medical treatments, and for anyone looking for results driven skincare. All of our products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben & Sulphate Free, and Gluten Free.


Meet the Founder

 Ginny Wiser started her career early on in life, coming from a family history of beauty styling and cosmetology. Having worked her way up from an in-home salon, she made her way through a myriad of different schools around Florida, constantly seeking to broaden her horizons and learn as much as possible. Her repertoire and knowledge of cosmetology first started in the Cape Coral Beauty School, where she then graduated from institutions such as the Venice School of Massage, Digits Institute of Reflexology of California, LeBaron Academy of Cosmetology, and, ultimately, received a diploma from CIDESCO, being the perfect capstone on her education before she set her sights on teaching. 

       In 1992, Ginny began working with dermatologists to develop skincare solutions that weren't available at the time, specifically a type of medical grade peel designed for Medical Aestheticians. This led her to continue working in formulation to also provide a homecare regimen and many other products to complement that treatment and provide stand-alone benefits. Throughout the 90s, she traveled to trade shows, med spas, and licensing schools across SWFL, partnering with countless skincare professionals.


  In 2000, Ginny became administrator of Bonita Springs School and sought to share her knowledge with others. The school currently licenses Medical Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Barbers, and Massage Therapists to provide the best service in SWFL. Biodermetiques is one of the key brands the Medical Aesthetician program is licensed with and provides solutions and education for. 

Learn About Key Ingredients we Formulate with:


Low Molecular 
Hyaluronic Acid


High Molecular
Hyaluronic Acid



Naturally derived from olives, with similar components to the skin's own sebum (oil). An excellent hydrator and deep moisturizer used for normal to dry skin types. 


Fruit Enzymes from

IMG_0783 (1).jpg

Salicylic Acid

An ingredient originally derived from wintergreen or will bark leaves, Salicylic, in a 2% beta hydroxy acid formulation, creates an excellent balance to efficiently exfoliate the skin without any tissue damage or harmful burns even when used frequently. As a super exfoliating ingredient this removes old skin cells leaving a new clear canvas of radiant looking skin. (shop our cleansers for more)

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